President: Alex Huyghe

Vice President: Thomas DiJulio

Vice President: Phil Huyghe

Treasurer: Jeremy Meyersieck

Secretary: Leon Shaner

Extended Leadership

Jonathan Brinker

Mark Cahn

EJ Levy

Scott Patterson

Ron Sollish

Clothing Orders

Brand Manager:  Mike Bisch Contact:  Contact Form

Ride Captains

Beginning/Sport: E.J. Levy

Century Riders / Touring: (Century riders = faster riders that aren’t race junkies)

Leon Shaner

Ron Sollish

Race Captains

Road Team:   Jonathan Brinker

Cat 4/5/Beginner Team:  TBD

Track:  Dave Hicken


Jason Koch

Jeremy Meyersieck

Mountain Bike:  Mark Boden

Women’s Team: TBD

Design and Technical Team

Brand Manager:  Mike Bisch Contact:  Contact Form

Branding/Logo and Kit Design:  Paul Aiuto

Club Website, Mailing List, Slack, etc:  Leon Shaner Contact:  Contact Form

Sponsors and Partnerships

Sponsor Relations Manager:  Ronald Rich