Road Racing Team Goals

To compete in the Michigan Bicycle Racing Association race series. This team is focused on results and spotlighting our sponsors. We also focus on building a community among cyclists. The club has a long tradition of developing road racers and helping each rider attain their personal goals.

Why Road Race?

Road Racing is not only physically challenging – it’s mentally challenging. This sport requires physical strength, mental toughness, tactical thinking, and sometimes a bit of luck. Road racing will teach you how to overcome challenges and become a better, more skillful cyclist. Increase your endurance as well as your ability to think under pressure. Give it a try – you might just love it.

About Road Racing

There are three disciplines in road racing:
Road events: These races are on public roads and tend to be the longest races you will do in the series. Also the most tactical, these races are when you will be happy that you have teammates. You will work together as a team to place one rider on the podium – sometimes more.
Criterium racing: Criteriums are held on a closed course of usually about a mile in length. These races are shorter in duration than a road race. Although not always easier than road, these races last between 30 to 90 minutes. Criterium racing is an all-out effort (think “anaerobic”) for the whole time period, so you get really good at finding places to hide to get a bit of rest. These type of races usually favor a sprinter.
Time Trial Events: This is a race against the clock. Cyclists like to call it the “race of truth”. Time trials are good place to start racing because they’re a very safe environment to race. You are racing against the clock; riders go off every 30 seconds and are not allowed to draft. This type of racing is challenging physically and mentally because you need to know just how hard to go without running out of gas before the finish.

MBRA Race Series

Here is the website to the Michigan race series:

Michigan Races at USA Cycling

Here is the listing of USA Cycling-sanctioned races in Michigan: