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Paul Aiuto202020212022Sponsor2021Sponsor2022Leadership
Ron Sollish202020212022Sponsor2021Sponsor2022Leadership
Ronald Rich202020212022Sponsor2021Sponsor2022Leadership
Mark Boden202020212022Sponsor2021Sponsor2022RaceTeam
Neil King202020212022Sponsor2021Sponsor2022RaceTeam
Jason Brooks202020212022Sponsor2021Sponsor2022
Steve Tronstein202020212022Sponsor2021Sponsor2022
John Rutherford2022Sponsor2022
Joseph Salome20202022Sponsor2022
Michael Lutz2022Sponsor2022
Brian Smith20202021Sponsor2021
Don Mullaj20202021Sponsor2021
Jim Herman20202021Sponsor2021
Michael Dega202020212022Sponsor2021
Antoon HuygheLifetime
Michael EmersonLifetime
Alex Huyghe202020212022BoardLeadershipRaceTeam
Jeremy Meyersieck202020212022BoardLeadershipRaceTeam
Leon Shaner202020212022BoardLeadershipRaceTeam
Thomas DiJulio202020212022BoardLeadershipRaceTeam
Philip Huyghe202020212022BoardLeadership
E.J. Levy202020212022LeadershipRaceTeam
Jonathon Brinker202020212022LeadershipRaceTeam
Mark Cahn202020212022LeadershipRaceTeam
Mike Bisch202020212022LeadershipRaceTeam
David Rieland202020212022Leadership
Roan Isaku202020212022Leadership
Scott Patterson202020212022Leadership
Adam Bolitho202020212022RaceTeam
Alberto J20212022RaceTeam
Anders Gustafson20202022RaceTeam
Andrew Taylor20212022RaceTeam
April Yerge2021RaceTeam
Brian Richardson2020RaceTeam
Colleen Noel Shovlin2022RaceTeam
David Hicken202020212022RaceTeam
Eric Elkins20212022RaceTeam
Jake McLaughlin202020212022RaceTeam
James Hutchinson2022RaceTeam
Jason Koch202020212022RaceTeam
Jay De Veny20202021RaceTeam
John Stanek20212022RaceTeam
Kate Matta2021RaceTeam
Leo Rihn IV2022RaceTeam
Mike Alameh20212022RaceTeam
Nick Laughton20212022RaceTeam
Ravi Kumar20202022RaceTeam
Sean Lowry20212022RaceTeam
Tony Bruley202020212022RaceTeam
Adam Heisel202020212022
Alexander Maas2021
Alon Tolwin2020
Andrew Pass2020
Aviv Vered2022
Barry Patterson202020212022
Bethany Sanders2022
Bill Guisinger20212022
Brandon Brooks20212022
Brandon Fasse2021
Brian Bialik20202021
Brian Franke20202021
Brian Wachlarz2020
Brooks Cowan2020
Bryan Brown20202021
Bryan Smith2022
Caroline Gersch2022
Charlie Deroo202020212022
Chris Donnelly20212022
Chuck Gray2020
Connor Grant20212022
D.C. Benson20212022
Dan Edwards20202021
David Cowper2022
David Gonska202020212022
David Newton20202021
David Spreen20202021
Denise King2022
Dennis Thome202020212022
Dionne Gideon2022
Dorene Stuart2022
Dragi Gasevski20202021
Dylan Siegal202020212022
Eduardo Carvalho Neto2022
Edward Schowalter202020212022
Elyse Hoffman2022
Emma Lisull2021
Eric Seger2021
Erich Meier2020
Erik Huyghe202020212022
Ganesh Lalu2020
Gaylord Vince2021
Geoff Hill2020
Glenn OConnor2021
Gregory Sollish202020212022
Guilherme Vasconcelos2021
Ira Berkowitz20212022
James Hill2021
Jan MaCK20212022
Jason Mulawa2021
Jeff Merzin202020212022
Jeff Moelich20202021
Jeffrey Potoff202020212022
Jennifer King2022
Jill Wiesenberger20212022
Jim Holland202020212022
Jim Tamm202020212022
John Gielow20212022
Jon Cawthorne20212022
Jon Kulevsky2021
Jon Levin20212022
Jon Norgard202020212022
Jonathan Smith202020212022
Juergen Wiesenberger20212022
Karen Huyghe2021
Katie DeMeulemeester2021
Ken Shecter20212022
Kenneth Vernier20212022
Kevin Massey2021
Kevin Stoops202020212022
Lauren Hand2022
Lawrence Lewis2022
Lindsay Klee202020212022
Marc Bronzetti2021
Marc Fishman2021
Mark Blumenfeld2021
Mark Calamita20202022
Mark Habel2022
Mark LaBelle202020212022
Mark Rei2022
Mark Vanneste2022
Marshall Lasser2020
Mary Raftery2022
Mary Ward2022
Matthew Sheppard2020
Matthew Wilkins202020212022
Maxwell Huyghe2021
Michael Dangovian2020
Michael Halsband2022
Michael Migler202020212022
Michael Rajewski2022
Michael Salhaney202020212022
Michael Schultz2020
Michael Sims20212022
Monica Knowles202020212022
Nathan Crane2022
Nathan Sharnas2020
Ned Greenberg2021
Nicholas Taylor2022
Patrick Mulrooney202020212022
Paul Walters202020212022
Peter Vajda202020212022
Ramzi Kort2022
Randall Beck202020212022
Ray Cronin202020212022
Robert Crowley202020212022
Robert Levy202020212022
Robert Teitel20212022
Robert West2022
Roland Pascua20212022
Scott Bednas2021
Scott Stegert20212022
Shawn Adams2022
Steffen Moessner20212022
Stephanie Kerner202020212022
Stephen Peters202020212022
Stuart Jeffares202020212022
Susan Jakobcic2021
Tate Vo2022
Timothy Campbell2022
Todd Rabourn2021
Vincent Trampus2020
Walt Johnson202020212022
Wayne Segal20202022
William Caruso2021
William McLaughlin2021
Yancy Gideon III2022

Recent Posts

2022 Debaets-Devos Pro-Am Memorial Bicycle Race

Announcing the 57th annual Debaets-Devos Pro-Am Memorial Bicycle Race! Sunday, August 28th, 2022

Flyer (scroll past for important registration infos):

It appears you don’t have a PDF plugin for this browser. No biggie… you can click here to download the PDF file.

Please follow these steps prior to AND continuing throughout the race day:

You’ll notice a big push for on-line registrations through, which is for streamlining the registration process and feeding data to our timing crew.

Online registrations are also for your safety in an effort to minimize the time and number of people standing in line to pick up bib numbers. Similarly, online registrations also avoids the need to handle cash, so if for any reason you cannot complete the registration online, please bring your credit card or Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay capable smartphone.

  1. Go HERE to buy a USACycling One-Day License (do this first if your license is expired or if you are unsure about it).

    NOTE: The USACycling site is the only way to deal with an expired experienced rider’s license and it is also the preferred way to deal with a new / novice rider.
  2. Go HERE to register for the 57th Annual Debaets-Devos Bicycle Races, which is on Sunday, August 28th, 2022.
  3. Download the flyer, HERE (and you can preview it below above).
  1. On DAY-OF, remember to bring proof of unexpired USAC or UCI License, or ONE-DAY license.
    PLEASE have your physical license, USACycling App, or license confirmation e-mail handy on your smartphone or printed out.

    NOTE: The link from step 1 also serves as proof of license proof for ANY RIDER, when you show the page on your smartphone to registration staff; it has the information at the top even for year-long USACycling or UCI license holders
  2. If for some reason you could not e-sign a waiver on, you can download a release, HERE, fill it in in your favorite PDF editor and/or print it and use a pen. PLEASE use use BLUE text-color/ink.

    PLEASE PRINT SEPARATE FORMS FOR EACH RACE OF INTEREST, because we need this for efficient data-entry for timing purposes.

    REMEMBER to BRING your printed release(s) to check-in, on DAY-OF.

    HOPEFULLY everybody is fine with #1 + #2 and the e-release/waivers and #5 is not necessary!
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