Club Kit

Club kit is supplied by Cuore of Switzerland.  Orders are placed via their online Team Shop.  There are typically two order periods per year:
  • Late Fall/Early Winter (for spring delivery)
  • Late Summer (for late fall delivery)
In between these group ordering periods, it is possible to open the Shop for new members, or those needing crash replacements.  You can order non-Cadieux items from their website at a Cadieux members-only discount.  Please ask the Team Quartermaster about the discount code.
Men’s and women’s sizing charts can be found on the Cuore website.  There is typically an annual “Kit Fit” event prior to the Late Fall/Early Winter ordering period, where you can come and try on the items on offer.
As mentioned, orders are placed twice a year via our Team Shop on the Cuore site.  You will be notified in advance of these ordering periods.  Items are directly shipped to you, at a small additional cost.
Socks are provided by DeFeet.  They are available for purchase here, and can be picked up locally.

Please note that only current Club Members, with confirmation that dues payment is up to date, are able to order official club kit. You can re-up over here.

Contact Mike Bisch, Team Quartermaster, with any questions, here: