CadieuxBC Canyon – New Bike Day!

April 19, 2022

New Bike Day, sponsored by Canyon, FTW! #MyCanyon
Kit by Auito Designs, produced by CUORE of Switzerland

Great Seeing So Many at the Annual Meeting, today!

March 6, 2022

Been a long time since we’ve been able to gather together. It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some newer members in person for the first time.


  • New kit design! #BlueIsTheNewBlack
  • Look back on 2021:
    • Return to Racing! DD and Cyclocross, especially.
    • Congratulations to Jason Koch on winning state championship in CX, and winning a TT on a standard road bike!
  • Giving Back:
    • Lexus Velodrome repairs: $1000
    • Michigan Junior Cycling: $1000
    • Men’s Health foundation (Cogs & Kegs)
    • Exhale Ride: Benefiting JDRF in partnership with Riders4Research: ~$8000 from our community.
  • Looking forward to 2022:
    • More Social Rides
      • Cadieux Cafe / Belle Isle / Windmill Pointe ride
      • Griffin Claw Meander
  • Cadieux Bicycle Club is THRIVING!
    • Let’s just say MANY MANY thanks to our generous sponsors for allowing us to keep running the Debaets Devos Pro Am Race, now going into it’s 57th season!
    • And MANY MANY thanks to all of our members for SHOWING UP, being a great community, cheering, supporting one another, and renewing dues and buying club-branded merchandise!
  • Board of Directors Elections
  • We need your help with content on SOCIAL MEDIA:
    • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @CadieuxBC
    • Hashtags
      • #CadieuxBicycleClub
      • #RideRaceGiveBack
      • #CadBC
      • #MyCanyon
      • #CuoreOfSwiss
  • Growing the CadieuxBC Race Team!
    • Subsidized spring training camp near Hocking Hills, Ohio from 4/29 thru 5/2
      • 12/12 spots filled at the base camp
      • Members welcome to join in the daily rides, starting and ending at the base camp; coordinate amongst yourselves for housing. Contact Jonathan Brinker to connect with other interested members.
    • Target Races
      • Gravel
        • Barry Roubaix, Dirty 30, Lowell, Moran 166
      • Road
        • Debaets Devos, Detroit Cycling/M1 Weekend, Waterford Wednesday Night Races
  • Growing the CadieuxBC Membership
    • Increased online presence
    • Talk to people we know
    • Presence on the Road
    • Target Non-race Events – All Club Members
      • Show up en masse and in kit
      • Baroudeur, MMM, Etc.
    • Wear kit and talk to strangers
  • Races we plan to host:
    • 57th Annual Debaets-Devos Pro-AM Bicycle Race
      • Aug 28th, 2022
      • Auburn Hills
    • TBD Hines TT
      • Tentative date Aug 14th
      • 20K-40K course

Net net, looking forward to 2022! The future is bright, because of you!

Cuore Team Shop Is Open Until Jan 24

January 16, 2022

The Team Shop to order our 2022 jerseys, bibs, jackets, and more is open until January 24. Those who have paid their 2022 membership dues have been emailed ordering instructions. Please contact Mike Bisch with questions at

New for 2022!!! Members stay tuned for information about the upcoming January order! Great work, Paul and Mike!!!

December 22, 2021

Kit Fit Event Saturday December 11 – Mark Your Calendars!

November 9, 2021


Our yearly kit fitting day is set for Saturday, December 11, from 10am to 2pm at the Berkley American Legion Post 374, 2079 W. 12 Mile Road (just west of Woodward), Berkley 48072.

This is your once-a-year opportunity to try on samples of jerseys, bibs, jackets, and more provided by our partners at Cuore of Switzerland.  This event is intended to help you get fitted for a Cadieux kit based on your technical needs and comfort.  If you have any questions, concerns, doubts, etc. about what sizes you need, please make plans to attend this event.  The samples will be returned to Cuore immediately following the event – there will be no individual fittings.  You may even want to bring kit you already own just to compare the sizes and confirm your needs before ordering. Be sure to take note of all of your sizes, perhaps bring a pen/paper or text it to yourself.  As most of you know – Cuore offers custom adjustments to areas like sleeve, front, and leg length, so you can tailor your fit precisely. All Cadieux kit is custom-made and there are no refunds, so be sure to attend and get your size confirmed before ordering.

We will take every precaution to help protect you against COVID-19.  For your safety, masks will be required, regardless of vaccination status.

Your autumn orders should have started arriving in your mailboxes this past week.  The next order period, featuring our 2022 design, will take place in early January.  The artwork is still being finalized, but will be very similar to the current design (we will share it with the membership when completed).  Thank you for submitting your responses to the recent year-end kit survey – we listened, and will deliver on your request for a blue jersey in 2022!  

You must be a current member to order kit. If you have not yet joined the club for 2022, please visit the Club Shop here:

Thanks and we will see you on December 11!

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