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  • Cadieux Members Ride FREE on Mondays at IVBP
    If you are a Cadieux Bicycle Club member and you’ve been thinking about trying out the track, there’s no better time than now. Thanks to the club’s donation to the Community Foundation/Mike Walden Velodrome Fund in December, all members of Cadieux Bicycle Club are welcome to ride at the IVBP on Monday nights for the entire 2016 season for FREE. You don’t need your own track bike, you can borrow one for free. To receive this benefit, you’ll need to take the Track 101 class, which are available on Saturdays at 10 am. New Riders can also get trained on … Continue reading
  • Starting Cycling as an Adult
    (Written May 20th, 2013, just two years after I got my first road bike [25 years after exclusively riding a MTB)… Find a local bike shop you can trust — this isn’t a time to shop online looking for that deep discount, rather it’s a time to find someone who knows what they are doing, has years of experience riding, building, customizing, and upgrading bike components. Find a recommended local bike shop (LBS) that is nearby so you can get advice, service, tuneups, etc. right when you need it. Ask biking friends who live near you, what LBS they would … Continue reading
    QUESTION OF THE WEEK!  April 29, 2013Now that April and the commensurate “showers” is nearly over I will admit to being a bit remisswith this question and answer forum and should have gotten this one posted sooner. Q:  What special precautions should I take when riding in the rain or even if the roads are just damp? A:  The primary concern for cyclists when riding when wet is adhesion or the lack thereof.  Do your tires stay in contact with the road?  If you know you are riding in wet weather a tire choice that is designed for that purpose … Continue reading
  • Saturday, April 20th – Cross Wind Clinic
    I’m not talking about a ride leaving from Crosswinds Mall, I’m talking about how to ride and race in the wind. Cross winds create unique challenges and opportunities during a ride or race.     The Clinic will begin in Stony Creek Metro Park at 2:00pm.  We will meet in the building located at the boat launch and spend 20-30 mins talking and then ride.   This ride will is primarily designed to train the space between  your ears,  training  your legs and  aerobic system will be secondary priority.  There may be stopping  to explain things and/or yell at you like a grouch old bike … Continue reading
  • 2013 Waterford Race Series
    Results are posted here – congratulations to Jeremy Meyersieck for his performance in the C-Race.  Jeremy gave the team our first win for 2013.