Cadieux Bicycle Club Membership


Cadieux Bicycle Club Membership



Purchase a Club Membership and please be sure to register for an account during checkout if you don’t already have one on this club site.  You may wish to try the “lost password” option on the login/register page if you are unsure, whether or not, you have an account already.  Please note the following:

  • Accounts are used for access to member-only forums and e-mail lists handled by the club site.
  • Members are able to opt-out of the forums and e-mail lists, but we still need each member to have a registered account in order to track membership.
  • If you are purchasing any membership(s) on behalf of another family member, then please add a note to your order, listing each additional member covered by your order (and their e-mail addresses if applicable).
  • IMPORTANT:  Please see the Membership page for details on additional requirements, such as signing a waiver to participate in club events, which MUST be signed if not already on file.

Your membership will be effective through the end of the calendar year and if you are joining after October 1st, you’re set until the end of the following calendar year.