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    E. J. Levy

    May 6, 2013

    This evening marks the beginning of the 5th (6th?) season for the Riders4Research Women’s Ride Group.  A great ride to become initiated into the favorite of our sports, this ride is held on Monday evenings, starting, through most of the season, at 6:30 pm from Barnum Park in Birmingham.  the ride traditionally starts on the First Monday in May and continues through the Summer.  There is a parking lot off of the South side from George Street without meters!  This is a great recovery ride too for the racer and fast riders out there and while this is posted as a women’s ride group so that the focus is on new and recreational female riders, persons of alternative genders are welcome. Many Teamo2 riders come out and mentor our new riders.  If you need directions put 732 Pierce Street, Birmingham, 48009 into your Navigation unit if “Barnum Park” does not work.

    The speed usually ranges between 12 and 15 mph with an average about 12.5.  We try, usually, to keep the route flat and neighborly to minimize traffic interaction.  Skills are developed and worked on.  The rides range in distance usually between 16 and 24 miles.  On hot Summer nights we’ve been known to stop for ice cream.

    There are two requirements:  Helmets and Smiles.  Bikes while recommended are optional. Please join Cadieux BC/Team o2.

    EJ Levy
    Activities Director.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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