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      Hi Team,

      Most of you noted the race posting by Jim earlier.  This is for the Waterford Hills race series.  For those of you interested in racing and new to it I’d strongly recommend starting at Waterford.  The course is a circuit without tight turns and as a result each lap becomes more familiar.  These races are cool in that they count in your “points” towards getting an upgrade to Cat 4 from Cat 5.  This is cool, especially since a number of you are masters age and if you want to do races that are your age bracket you have to be at least a cat 4.  You can get upgraded by acquiring the right number of races under your belt (still 10 I believe but I’ll check) or getting high finishes in Cat 5 races.
      Waterford is broken down into an A and B race. The B race will be plenty vigorous and is shorter in duration than the A race.  Race tactics come in handy at Waterford especially. You can help your teammates and learn tactics or they can help you.  If you aren’t in “race shape” still give it a try. The feet to race there is less than other races and if you get dropped they most usually let you sit in when lapped or if you sit up. You can still get a great workout and learn a ton.
      Alex will be be at the B race as I’m sure a good number of other racers will be too. If you want to race contact him and he’ll fill you in. Unfortunately I am tied to work this weekend.  Good luck to all.
      Now, I also recommend getting a USCF license for the season.  This will end up saving money as you avoid one day fees which can add up.  Go to http://www.USACycling.org.
      Best wishes to all for a great season!
      EJ LEVY
      If you don’t have a jersey yet but want to race under the banner let someone know (me?) and we will try to find one for you to borrow in your size.  (If you don’t get one but want to race tell the race director that you race for Team o2 but don’t have a kit yet.  This will keep you in line with the rules.)
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