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    Last Saturdays D Ride, fueled by too much pent up testosterone (Mrs. Jukowski’s term),  turned into a ride that was something other than posted. A no drop ride where new members were dropped. Fingers can be pointed in many directions but obviously something that needs to be addressed. This is a relatively new ride that to date has been without hard rules. We need to clarify. Thoughts?

    Jonathan Smith


    I personally feel responsible for not making an effort to pull in the reins when it was clear where the ride was heading.  I hope everyone who tried this ride last week will give it another shot soon.

    Going forward, an idea for mitigating riding-level issues: designate a “B” ride leader if/when the group begins to break up.  This regularly happens on the Crosswinds rides (usually at the Milford stop when a few guys go “Screw this, we’re holding back if anyone’s interested!”)  In larger groups – especially with new members – maybe we need to address this up front?  Or maybe we need to also post the avg MPH (and stick to it)?



    There are probably only 1/2 dozen spots where the hammerheads like to play on, during that ride. I’d say let them play, but just make sure to re-group afterwards.  Other than that, whoever is the ride leader for the ride should dictate a tolerable pace for the entire group for most of the route. You can also make sure someone in the team watches for and stays with the slower riders to make sure they are ok.  A no-drop ride doesn’t need to be a slow ride the entire time; The “D Ride” is a fun mix of “fast at times” and also a “social relaxed” ride, and I don’t think it needs to be exclusively one or the other. Keep it tranquilo!



    I understand there have been some complaints about the ride to Detroit this past Saturday. As a ride leader I take full responsibility for the ride and addressing these concerns. Expectations for the ride were conveyed and not met. The pace was fast and apparently people were dropped. For that I apologize. In an effort to ensure that this does not happen again, I would like to properly convey the expectations for this ride so that people can make an informed decision about trying it. To that end the general ride description is as follows:
    Distance: minimum 50 miles with possible extensions up to 65-70 and sometimes 90 miles
    Average Speed: 18-20 miles per hour with sustained efforts at speeds in excess of 25 mph
    It is a no drop ride, which means that we will be willing to slow down and wait for riders that cannot hold the pace, but I need those riders to communicate their concerns with me at the beginning of and during the ride especially if it is your first time on the ride. I need to know if someone is being dropped. As per normal ride etiquette, other riders towards the back of the group need to yell if someone is being dropped. The group may split up but there are points on the route where dropped riders can catch up. We normally have a rest stop at either Avalon or Astro’s; the location will be announced at the start of the ride.
    Many of the riders that regularly do this ride like to go as fast as they can at certain points along the route. We like to challenge ourselves and each other. While I am not an A level rider, there are sometimes A level riders on this ride. I want new riders to try this ride and I am willing to ride with them. I just need to know who you are ahead of time. I welcome comments and questions.


    We have not had problems on this ride until this past weekend. We have always waited up but when new and/or less experienced riders were invited. If the ride is expanding (based on comments I’ve read from Alex) he/we should elect someone to stay with that group, or break up the ride. I’ve invited several people on these rides in the past (e.g. Max Wolff) and keep an eye out for them in case they get dropped (e.g. Andrew Reed joined us that day and I rode down to Royal Oak to get him and we rode to Biggby together). This has never been a “drop ride” because those on the ride always wait up at major stops when the pace gets pushed at certain points. Best to always talk about this at the inception of the ride or during the  ride if there are questions.

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