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I understand there have been some complaints about the ride to Detroit this past Saturday. As a ride leader I take full responsibility for the ride and addressing these concerns. Expectations for the ride were conveyed and not met. The pace was fast and apparently people were dropped. For that I apologize. In an effort to ensure that this does not happen again, I would like to properly convey the expectations for this ride so that people can make an informed decision about trying it. To that end the general ride description is as follows:
Distance: minimum 50 miles with possible extensions up to 65-70 and sometimes 90 miles
Average Speed: 18-20 miles per hour with sustained efforts at speeds in excess of 25 mph
It is a no drop ride, which means that we will be willing to slow down and wait for riders that cannot hold the pace, but I need those riders to communicate their concerns with me at the beginning of and during the ride especially if it is your first time on the ride. I need to know if someone is being dropped. As per normal ride etiquette, other riders towards the back of the group need to yell if someone is being dropped. The group may split up but there are points on the route where dropped riders can catch up. We normally have a rest stop at either Avalon or Astro’s; the location will be announced at the start of the ride.
Many of the riders that regularly do this ride like to go as fast as they can at certain points along the route. We like to challenge ourselves and each other. While I am not an A level rider, there are sometimes A level riders on this ride. I want new riders to try this ride and I am willing to ride with them. I just need to know who you are ahead of time. I welcome comments and questions.