Club Communication and Posting Rides

Facebook:  Great to see people posting rides on the Official Facebook Group “Cadieux Bicycle Club Group”. If you are not already a member of the group please make sure you join. This is the main forum for posting news and rides, if you have your settings set up correctly you will be notified when people post in the Group. Feel free to post pictures, results and interesting cycling articles.

Email:  Join the CadieuxBC public mailing group (you may need to refresh this page if you are not logged into the site):
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 Please remember to use the standard protocol when posting rides:

Post Rides in Cadieux Bicycle Club Facebook Group and via Yahoo Email group.

Please Include:

– Day/ Date/ Time

– Location

– Distance

– Ride Pace A, B or C

A ride = 20mph + pace, 25-30 mph sustained efforts

B ride = 18mph pace, 23-25 mph sustained efforts

C ride = 16mph pace, 19-23 mph sustained efforts

Ride Leader Responsibilities:

  • Introduce Yourself as the leader
  • We are an inclusive group, introduce new riders
  • Communicate safe group cycling skills
  • Calling out obstacles, pot holes, cars, stopping
  • Accept criticism in the spirit it was intended
  • Follow the law: Stop sign, red light, passing car, two abreast and right edge of roadway, unless it’s safer to “take the lane”.

Riders: Every time we pull on a team kit we not only represent ourselves but the whole team and our sponsors. Be courteous to road users and other riders you never know who they are.

Ride, Race and Give Back….