Team 02 Announces the First Annual Corktown Criterium

Team O2 / Cadieux Bicycle Club is excited to announce the 1st Annual Corktown Criterium, a race to benefit the MIU Men’s Health Foundation. A big thank you to Chris Donnelly for spearheading the effort to bring another great race to our area!


Stay tuned for more information.


Team O2 / Cadieux Store Open 6/14-6/24

Team O2 / Cadieux Bicycle Club is excited to announce the creation of the Team O2 / Cadieux Bicycle Club Shopify Store!

Through this storefront, we will sell our new line of casual clothing. Please note for that this first run of orders, the store will only be open and accepting orders between 6/14 and 6/24. We will be looking into expanding the product line and store availability in the future.

Major thanks to Roan Isaku for getting the store up and running!

Tip of the Week (2016-1)

Tip of the Week, 2016, number 1

If your answer to the following question below is “I don’t know” or “I don’t recall” the advice is: You probably need to change your chain!

The question is: When did you last replace your chain?!

So when do we replace our chains? Several seasons ago I sent out a general survey to our local ride groups asking the general question: “When do you replace your chain?” We had an interesting and generally thoughtful array of responses. The general consensus is that we should probably all be changing our chains more frequently than we do. Riders reported that they changed as frequently as 1,500 miles to 3,000 miles with many taking a quantitative approach to changing the chain. The final suggestion is that it is ideal to check the chain with a chain checker which is a simple device (several on the market) such as the slide tool from Park which for a 10 speed chain it is time to replace the chain when it measures out at 0.75. A new 10 speed chain will measure about 0.50. For an 11 speed chain the scale is moved down I understand to 0.50 as the time to replace it. One can physically measure the chain in lieu of using a chain tool but I’ll keep this discussion simple.

So why change a chain frequently? It is often put forth that replacing a bike chain is analagous to changing the oil in a car and the reason is to prevent undue wear and tear from frictional forces on the engine or in this case the other parts of the drivetrain from wearing out prematurely, specifically the rear cassette and the chain rings up front.

It is really quite remarkable to me even after all these years that a metal chain elongates to the extent that it does but they do! So what contributes to chain wear? Well, riding hills puts more frictional stress on a chain especially if you push a hard gear or “mash” on the pedals. Larger riders compared to petite riders should in particular stay on top of checking their chain. Spinning easier gears will generally get you more miles per chain. A clean drivetrain will perform better and wear less as well. Clean your chain frequently especially if after a rain day or a dusty route and lubricate the chain frequently as well. Experienced riders will suggest at least once a week. Riders who sprint will push a chain causing it to stretch as well. Even single speed riders need to check their chain frequently, perhaps even more than on a standard road bike, because the single speed set-up puts wear on the bike since there is only a “hard gear” when climbing.

The term chain-stretch is actually a misnomer. What happens is that wear occurs in each bearing/pin of the chain from friction caused mostly by dirt and grit. As the chain gets dirty it acts as sandpaper would and causes wear on each link of the chain. Multiply that wear by the average number of links of about 110 and the result is a chain that gets longer. In effect chain-stretch means the distance between the links have gotten longer which contributes to wear on your cassette and chain rings as well. The metal does not stretch but the bearing holes elongate.

So why bother changing a chain frequently? Just check out the prices of chain rings and cassettes. While a Dura-ace chain may cost $45.00 a Dura-ace cassette may cost over $200.00. If you stay on top of replacing your chain you will go many thousands of miles further without replacing the cassette or rings. When you replace your chain you will be amazed how it makes your bike ride smoother and easier. If you don’t change the chain frequently you will incur undue wear particularly on the rings of the cassette you find yourself in most frequently, in my case the 14 or 15 tooth gears. When it wears out you may get a skip and the trick it to replace the chain so that when you do there is no skip along the cassette or perhaps a drop from the big ring to the smaller ring when you are in a semi-crossover gear. [By this I mean, for example, the big ring in the front and a bigger easier gear in the rear.] We want to eliminate phantom shifts which are more likely to occur when the chain is worn and/or the gears of the cassette are worn as well. A phantom shift is when the gear changes without a concerted effort. It can be disconcerting, even risky, especially if in a climb or in a race scenario.

E.J. Levy
Directeur Sportif

Special thanks to Philip Huyghe for his significant contributions to this article

2016 Woodward Loop Ride

Sunday,  June 26th will be the 8th Annual Spring edition of the Woodward Loop Ride. This ride is a fundraiser for Michigan Youth Cycling, a scholarship charity for young riders and racers.  This is a two part ride, with a route and fun for nearly everyone.
The ride starts from Downtown Birmingham at the corner of Old Woodward and Maple Roads. The first loop heads out at 7:30 am and travels north to Pontiac, around the Pontiac Loop, formerly called Widetrack Drive, and back to Birmingham.  The ride pace is 18 mph, which is brisk as the route is an elevation gain to Pontiac. Once we get to St. Joseph Hospital, riders are welcome to pass the ride leader and ride back to Birmingham at whatever pace they wish.  The ride leader will sit in for riders staying at 18 mph or whatever pace is needed.  Riders who suspect that an 18 mph pace is a bit much are welcome to join in but can easily turn back and head south just by crossing at the median.
Once back in Birmingham there will be a very short break but we will regroup and join up for the 8:30 am start to Detroit. Ride Pace is about 16 or 17 mph but the road south is also slightly downhill to the City. We will head to Hart Plaza for our commensurate photo opportunity. Then strong riders will break off and head to Belle Isle for a fast lap (or two?). The rest of the riders will head north and most likely take a stop at Avalon Bakery.  We will head north most likely on what I call the “inland route” which heads onto Hamilton and Pontchatrain and back.  Stay with the ride leader. Routes have little traffic but there is some traffic.

Suggested donations of $20.00 are appreciated.  Functioning road bikes are suggested with spare tubes etc.
I look forward to riding with you again this year!
EJ Levy
Directeur Sportif

Cogs and Kegs


Cogs & Kegs, Presented by Powers Distributing
MIU Men’s Health Foundation
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Birmingham, MI

Partners for the event: Powers Distributing, Griffin Claw Brewery, Germack, American Cycle & Fitness, Wolverine Cycling Club, Team O2/Cadieux Bicycle Club, and the Astellas Professional Cycling Team.

This should be a fun evening with members of the Astellas Pro Cycling Team. Bikes and Beer for a good cause. The ride will start and finish from Griffin Claw Brewing Company.

A Casual ride (read “not a hammerfest”) with the Astellas guys, then there will be a post-ride celebration hosted by Griffin Claw Brewery that will include a raffle, Q&A with the Astellas Professional Cycling Team.

Supports MIU Men’s Health Foundation.
$30 registration includes a beer and a waterbottle.

Get the details and register:…

Bonus Ride for Volunteers!
Vounteers will have the opportunity to ride with members of the Astellas Team earlier in the day in a volunteer only ride. Sign up to volunteer (

See you there!

Yankee Springs MTB TT Race Recap

“Josh Hall, Jake Samborski, and myself went went to Yankee Springs for a long weekend of camping, riding, and racing. I had never ridden Yankee before, it was a blast, lot’s of elevation for lower Michigan, something about melting glaciers. The trail had some awesome descents which is a nice change up from the smaller, rolling hills found at our local trails. Yankee was Josh’s first Cat 1 XC race and he placed 13th out of 32 in the Cat 1 30-39 race!

Josh Hall

Mr. Samborski (aka the Gnardawg) definitely felt at home on this technical course, he placed 7th out of 19 in the Cat 2/3 Single Speed race and was geared 2:1! I just missed the podium with a 4th place finish in the Cat 2 19-29 race. Great weekend with some good results. Look out for an announcement regarding the Island Lake race on May 22nd.”

-Alec Linton, MTB Captain

Team 02 / Cadieux Team Kits Have Arrived

Team kit orders have arrived! Please contact Tracey ( for pickup location. Orders need to be picked up before April 17th! Suggested times for pickup this week are:

Wed 4/6 – Between 7pm and 8:30pm

Thu 4/7– Between 4pm and 9pm

Fri 4/8– Between 4pm and 6pm

Sat 4/9 – Tracey will be at Waterford for the Spring Training Series, you must contact her ahead of time so she brings your order.

Team O2 / Cadieux Members Ride FREE on Mondays at IVBP

If you are a Team O2 / Cadieux Bicycle Club member and you’ve been thinking about trying out the track, there’s no better time than now. Thanks to the club’s donation to the Community Foundation/Mike Walden Velodrome Fund in December, all members of Team O2 / Cadieux Bicycle Club are welcome to ride at the IVBP on Monday nights for the entire 2016 season for FREE. You don’t need your own track bike, you can borrow one for free. To receive this benefit, you’ll need to take the Track 101 class, which are available on Saturdays at 10 am. New Riders can also get trained on Wednesday evenings.

Thanks to Dale, Carolyn, Dave and the other volunteers that put in time to make it a great facility.

Dave Hicken is our Track captain, so reach out to Dave if you have questions.

Team O2 / Cadieux Announces The Waterford Memorial Weekend Races

Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the Frankenmuth Road Race, Team O2/Cadieux Bicycle Club will be hosting a new event, The Waterford Memorial Weekend Races. We look forward to you joining us for a great day of racing!

Video from 2015 51st Debaets Devos ProAm Race

Big thank you to Alec Linton for putting together the 2015 51st Debaets Devos ProAm Race video. Great work we look forward to the 2016 race.