Don’t Peak In April!

Even with my limited experience I have seen a trend that happens with many cyclist in the spring. There are some of us that are so hyped to finally get out there and ride that we over do it. The cycling season is a long one even in Michigan with our crazy weather, don’t peak in April.

Many Road Racers should be looking at June this year as a peak time for them. The Race calendar is really packed in June with the seasons best races.

I want to see everyone racing and riding strong throughout the season and spring can really have an effect on your season. I have seen people ride so much that eventually they just snap and don’t ride for months after. The spring should be for building up base strength and working on technique. There are a bunch of books written by people that have way more knowledge than me out there and you will have to pick what works best for you. Just remember it’s a long season and you don’t need to ride yourself into the ground when the weather breaks.

– Alex Huyghe (Cat 4/5 leader, MTB leader)

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